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Home is where the heartstrings are…

  Three troubled strangers converge on Christmas Eve to say farewell to a doomed old house.  Each of them grew up here over the course of 90 years; each loved this safe shelter and refuge.  And they all have warm, golden memories of youthful, magical Christmases and of the Rockwell-esque small town that nourished them as children. 


   These old walls were witness to some sweeping, engaging  stories:


   ♦An elderly, feisty nun with life-searing experiences as a nurse in World War II, whose promiscuous youth still haunts her;


   ♦A depressed former Major League baseball pitcher who is contemplating a horrific act;


   ♦The hometown newspaper editor, still dealing with the tragic consequences of her long-ago teenage love affair;


   They are joined by the gracious last owner of the house, who is staging a last homecoming for people who know it is not just a house, but a shrine of memories and echoes.


   But before it goes down to make way for a new bridge, the grand old house has surrendered some astonishing final secrets…

"Captivating and worthwhile..."


So says the influential and prestigious industry publication, "Publishers Weekly"

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