The Last Homecoming is really four stories in one -- sweeping, sentimental tales about the intriguing lives of four people who come together at Christmas to visit, for the last time, the place where they grew up.  They each have their own reasons for being there, but they all have one reason in common -- it's their chance to say goodbye to an old friend.

The Last Homecoming


"It has been here for 90 years, this house. Ninety years from now, when they tear down that bridge, will there be anybody who will say they think about that bridge every day, and all the beautiful memories it represents?"

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Godspeed:  A Love Story

Godspeed is a bittersweet story of laughter and tears, irrepressible humor, the value of friendship, and unimaginable longing. And as the story and its astonishing twists unfold, a poignant question lingers: How can a lie be wrong if it makes so many people feel so good?

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